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Soon it's back on the running track

Since the beginning of the new year, a lot has happened in our team: We are not only happy about the steady progress in the development of software and hardware, but also about an ORF report with us and a new member in the team. And soon it will be time to test our prototype again!

Rear view of the WAIBRObelt, you can see a pocket on the belt for the battery.
The prototype of the textile belt is already finished.

With the turn of the year, the developments on our WAIBRObelt also picked up full speed again. At the moment, the software for line recognition is still being finalised so that hopefully the prototype can be completed at the end of March and then tested on the running track. Our partner from Vorarlberg, Texible, with the designs and the first prototypes for the smart-textile belt ready. In addition, Golem Digital and Festmeter are currently working on optimising the speed of the runway detection.

The next steps, after the prototype is ready, will be the object recognition as well as the lane change software. News from the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is also encouraging: students of the International Business Administration programme are currently conducting an analysis with visually impaired and blind people to find out which needs our WAIBRObelt should (still) cover.

Katerina Sedlackova is filmed testing the belt in the office.
The ORF was with us and filmed a report for International Women's Day.

Our WAIBRObelt on TV

For the programme "Thema Spezial", a camera team from ORF visited us in the coworking space in mid-February and interviewed Katerina. It was all about the topic of women in science and research. The programme was then broadcast on ORF 2 on 8 March 2021, on International Women's Day.

Our team is growing

Group photo of the WAIBROteam
Our current team of five around boss Katerina.

Simon Krejci recently joined our team. The native of Salzburg is now studying in Graz and supports us as a project assistant in various areas. In addition, another hard-working employee has found his place in our office. Olaf, as our WAIBRsports community decided on Facebook and Instagram, is our new 3D printer who can make various parts for development on site.


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