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Podcasts: Katerina and the WAIBRObelt in front of the microphone

Katerina was a guest on two podcasts last year and talked about founding, the idea for a start-up and the WAIBRObelt.

Picture of Katerina
Katerina talks about the WAIBRObelt at "Bubble Tea & Business", among other things

The Salzburg podcast "Bubble Tea & Business" regularly invites start-up founders and creative minds to the microphone. WAIBROsports founder Katerina Sedlackova was also invited to the microphone by Max and Miriam. We don't want to give away any details about what the three of them talk about. Just listen for yourself :-)

Katerina with the Waibrobelt, in front of it a writing "Podcast: In conversation with Katerina Sedlackova".
The WISTO invited Katerina to its podcast "Chancenland Vorarlberg".

At the end of 2021, she was again invited to a podcast, this time at "Chancenland Vorarlberg". In the podcast of the Vorarlberg business location, Katerina talks about the current state of development and why it is sometimes better to listen to your own voice in the start-up business.


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