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Stop because of Corona? Not with us!

Whoever thought that a pandemic could stop us from continuing to work on our WAIBRObelt was wrong! In the home office there was no excuse for the WAIBROsports team, it went on, just differently.

Since March 2020, the Corona crisis has had Austria and the entire world firmly in its grip. Mouth-nose-protection duty, exit restriction or distance rule - terms that shape our everyday life and also influence it. For weeks, we at WAIBROsports were also more or less "trapped" within our own four walls. But that didn't stop us from exchanging ideas internally as a team and, more importantly, from having fun with exercise. Skype meetings, sporty team challenges or even participation in a virtual run were on our agenda during this unusual time, until the first loosening up came.

Physical challenges

In April, Katerina challenged the entire WAIBROsports team to do the Hand Stand T-Shirt Challenge and master this #stayathome challenge. Our ladies cut a good figure and showed body tension and coordination skills, our men on the other hand tried hard but couldn't match the performance of their colleagues.

Furthermore, in May Patrick started the "Bring Sally Up" Challenge in an attempt to restore the honor of the WAIBROsports men, which he succeeded in doing. Thereby strength endurance was again decisive and less the coordination skill. But our ladies also tried their hand at the challenge and were also able to put in impressive performances!

More than 60 kilometers for a good purpose

Relatively spontaneously, Katerina, Jules and Patrick decided to take part in the Wings For Life World Run on May 3rd, 2020, which was held - due to the Corona pandemic - exclusively virtually (each on his own, recorded using GPS on a smartphone). The three were able to cover over 60 kilometers together in the run, before they were caught up by the virtual catcher car. 100 percent of the entry fee goes to spinal cord research; this year, a total of more than 77,000 participants worldwide were on their feet and running for a good cause.


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