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Students interviewed 88 people about the WAIBRObelt

A team of five students from Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences conducted market research on the WAIBRObelt as part of a lecture. The aim was to find out what the respondents wanted and needed from a perfect WAIBRObelt. A total of almost 90 people were recruited for the survey.

A blind man wearing a high-visibility waistcoat together with a female guide
According to the market research, the WAIBRObelt is to be used both in everyday...

The starting point for their project as part of the "Project Workshop" course was clear: they wanted to conduct market research on the WAIBRObelt and ask blind and visually impaired people what they expect from our communication belt. "Within the framework of our project, we asked 88 people about their wishes and needs for the WAIBRObelt," explains Nadine Schneider, student at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and project leader. Together with four other fellow students, she worked intensively on WAIBROsports.

Two blind runners with a female companion (guide) well as in sports.


In addition to numerous questions about the functions, the participants in the survey, who came from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and even the USA, were also asked how much they would be willing to spend on the WAIBRObelt in the future. The most important functions the belt should have are navigating and detecting obstacles at any height. Based on their results from the surveys, a business model was created for a communication belt that would also be able to cope with everyday demands.


On 24 June, the results were presented as part of the course and the entire WAIBROsports team was there "virtually". The entire team met in the conference room at Coworking zu Geidorf and had the results and findings of the market research presented to them. "We are pleased that the students took the trouble and carried out this market research. We will certainly be able to draw on this in the future when the WAIBRObelt is ready for the market," says WAIBROsports boss Katerina.


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