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We keep on running!

We are very pleased that aws Creative Impact is funding the development of our mobile application for the WAIBRObelt.

Our application for funding from the Austrian Service of Economy was approved! The goal is to use the funding to enable the conception and implementation of a mobile application for the WAIBRObelt. The term of the project funding ends at the beginning of February 2021, until then an e-learning mechanism should be designed, which teaches the blind and visually impaired athletes in an intuitive way, together with the application of the WAIBRObelt, the different vibration patterns for the sport and checks. In this way, they should not need training personal to explain the blind user the use of the belt and, above all, the meaning of the different vibration patterns.

Our project "interactive e-learning of haptic information" is funded by aws Creative Impact with a sum of 47.460,- Euro.

To the funder: aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry impact beyond company boundaries. The funding supports the development of prototypes, the achievement of market maturity and the implementation of cooperation projects.


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